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The Water Environment (Controlled Activity Regulations) (Abstraction Licencing) (SEPA 2011 and 2013)

Scottish Water Byelaws (SW 2014)

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Water Supply
Water Supply (SGEG 2010)

Reducing your Water Bill (SGEG 2013)

SEPA water supply borehole guide (SEPA 2010)

Guide to Rainwater Harvesting (UKRHA)


Water Use
Water Use Efficiency (SGEG 2010)

Making the Most of you liquid assets (SW Business Stream)

Zero Waste Scotland / Envirowise - Online assistance

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Reducing water use with recycled Machinery Wash Water systems

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The management of water coming into the golf facility, how it is used and how it leaves the site is a very important aspect of any golf club’s environmental management both on the course and in the built areas.

Water is used on the golf course and maintenance facility for irrigation, chemical mixing and washing down of machinery. In clubhouses and pro-shops water is used for more domestic purposes in catering, showers, toilets and sinks along with central heating systems. Water leaves the golf facility via sewers and land drainage into the natural water environment.

There is lots of water legislation covering all of these practices that clubs will need to be aware of. Costs of water are increasing like all other resources and utilities and although we are lucky in this country to not have water shortage problems generally, effective water management avoiding excessive use and wastage of water, and preventing pollution is still an important part of environmental management of golf facilities.

Here you can download information on the following Water Management issues:

• Water Supply (Mains water, river or ground water abstractions, rainwater, greywater and recycled water)

• Water use efficiency (Irrigation, maintenance and clubhouse water use reduction leading to cost and carbon reductions)


For information on the following topics please go to the Pollution Control pages of this website:

• Waste water management (Clubhouse effluent and chemical and machinery washdown management)

• Surface water management (Flood management and sustainable drainage)

• Water quality / Diffuse Pollution Prevention (Protection of waterbodies and groundwater from pollution)



Scottish Golf is a member of the Water Efficiency Network