Pollution Control Legislation

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SEPA Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPGs)
The Water Environment (Controlled Activity Regulations) (Engineering works in watercourses) (SEPA 2011 and 2013)

SEPA General Binding Rule 18 Fertiliser

SEPA General Binding Rule 20 Cultivars

SEPA General Binding Rule 23 Pesticides

SEPA Oil Storage Regulations (2006)

Pesticides - Code of practice for using Plant Protection Products in Scotland (Scottish Executive 2006)

Other Turf Legislation see Turf Section


Waste Water and Machinery Washdown
Waste Water Management (SGEG/SEPA 2011)

Recycled Machinery Wash Water systems 


Surface Water Management/ Drainage
Climate Change on Scottish Golf Courses (SGEG 2004)

Sustainable Drainage Manual (CIRIA 2015)

Golf Course Drainage Consultants and sustainable products (SGEG 2010)

Watercourse erosion and bank stabilisation (SGEG 2010)

Environmental Issues in Golf Course Construction (SGEG 2005)

Water Quality
Water Quality / Diffuse Pollution Management (SGEG 2010)

Diffuse Pollution Management Advisory Group (DPMAG)
Prevention of Environmental Pollution form Agricultural Activity (PEPFA)

Use of herbicides in Nature Conservation Sites (Natural England 2003)


Pollution Incident Reporting and Clean Up

SEPA Pollution Hotline (24 hour)
0800 80 70 60

UK Spill Contractors database

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A golf facility in the right location, designed, constructed and managed to a high standard, can not only protect the surrounding environment from damage, it can have a positive impact on the land, the air and the water environment.

There is a variety of environmental legislation in Scotland that covers everyday management practices on the golf course and in the clubhouse to make sure your facility is not having a negative impact on the environment.  Legislation is set by the Scottish Government and implemented and enforced by our environmental regulators the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and other government organisations such as Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).

Legislation compliance should be a priority for your golf facility. Risk assessments should be carried out and the correct procedures in place for all actions involving application, handling, storage and disposal of chemicals, hazardous materials and other turf products brought onto the site.  Waste products and containers, waste water and surface water runoff should also be managed and treated to ensure quality of soil, waterbodies and groundwater is not adversely affected.

Rigorous training and awareness raising of responsibilities for every member of staff will help to avoid negligence and prevent pollution however procedures should also be in place in the event of an incident or emergency occurring.

These pages contain links to key environmental legislation affecting golf club management along with best practice guidelines to help make sure your golf club minimises its impact on the environment.