Environmental Issues in Golf Course Construction (SGEG 2005)

Planning Advice Note PAN 43 Golf Courses and asociated developments

Landscape Guidelines for Golf Course Development (SGEG 2007)

Nature Conservation and Golf Course Development (SGEG 2004)

Habitats and Species Survey Techniques (SGEG 2010)

Nature Considerations in Planning (SGEG 2010)

GEO Legacy Guidence - Sustainable Golf Development

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Whether it is an alteration to a tee or green, a new hole, a new practice area or a complete new golf course, there is an increasing requirement for environmental protection and enhancement and compliance with environmental and planning legislation.

Worldwide, new golf course developments are sometimes criticised for their disturbance to wildlife and damage to habitats with the negative impact this can have on an areas biological diversity and water resources.

Here in Scotland we believe that new golf courses, if carefully located in the right place, designed, constructed and managed well, can have a positive impact on the environment and the community’s social and economic well-being.

In this section you can download information on issues relating to the planning, design and construction stages of course development projects. These will assist you in identifying what best practice is in terms of course development, and increase your understanding of the mutual benefits of taking an environmentally sound approach.

This includes;

• Environmental Issues in Golf Course construction
- The Planning process, (including the Environmental Assessment Regulations)
- Construction method statements and pollution prevention mitigation measures
- Sustainable resource management and forward planning.

• Landscape Issues in golf course development
- Strategic Land Use Planning
- Visual impact, Landscape Character Assessment

• Nature conservation in golf course development
- Protecting and improving habitats/species and integrating into existing vegetation and topography