Scottish Golf are here to support clubs address their environmental issues and manage their courses and clubhouses for a sustainable future.

Scotland is the home of golf and our courses are famous the world over. Of all the major land based sports, golf has the greatest interaction with the environment. There are nearly 600 golf courses in Scotland all of which are a significant part of our national landscape heritage and permanent green areas which are important sanctuaries for plants and wildlife.

As the key asset of any golf club is the golf course itself, it is vital that this is of the highest possible quality to retain and attract members and visitors. In addition to quality playing surfaces, issues such as nature conservation and enhancement, landscape and cultural heritage, climate change, sustainable turf management and pollution prevention all need to be considered along with the ever increasing amount of environmental legislation. Clubhouses, maintenance facilities and professional shops are all areas where significant cost savings can be achieved through water and waste management and energy efficiency.

Addressing environmental issues in conjunction with making golf facilities economically efficient and socially inclusive will enable golf clubs to be managed more sustainably.